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Research Support

Library services that support faculty research such as issuing DOIs, repository and open access publishing services for sharing and archiving research, metadata, data management, ORCiD, biosketches, copyright and Creative Commons.

RAMP Proposal Smartform Section: Additional Proposal Information
2. Select Resources Required for this Proposal

The Library items in this section of the proposal smartform are there as a reminder to budget for potential costs in the grant proposal.
Contact the relevant library unit for the items in the table before the final proposal is submitted.

"Estimation of article processing charges (APCs) for budgeting purposes." "Journal/data/database subscriptions (check with library to confirm)"
Use this chart to help budget for APC costs.

Librarians can help you work with vendors/publishers to determine costs for information sources that may need to be purchased with grant funds.

The Libraries have agreements with some publishers which reduce the costs of APCs. Consult the University Libraries website to verify if the resource needed for the proposed research is provided: (If the project involves
text and data mining (TDM), contact us. Not all resources allow TDM.)
The libraries do not pay APCs.

Budgeting may be needed for costs associated with expedited interlibrary loan.

Contact Mason Publishing for help with budgeting for APCs at Contact a subject librarian or to confirm access or for help with estimating costs.

Sharing Data