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Finding Patents

Preliminary U.S. Patent Search Tutorial

Where do I go to find Patents?

crawls patent information like Google Web crawls the web. It searches the full-text patents from over 20 patent offices worldwide and the Prior Art Archive.

You can search patents only or you can add information from Google Scholar. You can use the same conventions as you use when entering terms in Google Web. Enter

  • Exact phrases are in quotation marks
  • Multiple terms are searched as term1 AND term2 AND term3 ...
  • Entering the singular term finds singular and plural versions of the word
  • A minus sign (-) will exclude patents that contains the term
  • The operator, OR, will find either of the terms that it is between

The help section of Google Patent says that more complicated search strings can be used, but it doesn't seem to work very well. It says that patents are translated using Google Patent too.

Idea or Invention (video, 4:26)

Explains the differences between an idea and an invention. (Inventor's Quick Tips)

Note: Select 720p from settings button if possible.

Is the video not visible? Check your browser compatibility. opens new window

If your browser is compatible, try the video, Idea or Invention? (Inventor's Quick Tips), on YouTube.