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Network Analysis

This guide defines network analysis and discusses several network analysis tools and methods

Additional Free Tools

  • Cytoscape. Originally designed to be used for biological research, Cytoscape is now used for complex network analysis and visualization. Use Cytoscape for data integration, analysis, and visualization
  • GraphViz. This visualization tool represents structural information as diagrams of abstract graphs and networks
  • Kumu. Kumu allows you to map the relationships between people, systems, and concepts. You are able to import your data and/or build networks using live data, use built-in metrics to identify key elements and connections, and customize your visualizations with dropdowns, buttons, text, images, and more
  • Nodegoat. Nodegoat is a web-based tool that enables you to create and manage datasets. You can instantly analyze and visualize datasets and create relational, geographical, and temporal attributes
  • NodeXL. An add-in for Windows versions of Excel to do network graphs. It is a project from the Social Media Research Foundation and is optimal for social media analysis. Allows general network visualization, grouping, and basic analyses (e.g., density, degree)

For a comprehensive review of major social network analysis and visualization tools, see Top 30 Social Network Analysis & Visualization Tools.