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Avoid Paywalls! Keeping Up with Literature in Your Field

Hitting paywalls for scholarly peer reviewed journal articles? Need to know what's new, now? Monitoring multiple journals for the latest scholarship and research in your areas of interest? Find mobile apps, and tips on locating resources provided by unive

Mobile Database Apps

 There are two ways to use mobile devices with databases, and some databases use both:

  • Download an App from iTunes store or Google Play store
  • Mobile-optimized web pages that recognize your device and will automatically adjust the screen

Some use special websites that start with "m" ( or end with extension "mobi" and still others have an automatic redirect that recognizes when you are accessing the site with a mobile device (Ebscohost).

Mobile pairing (also called vouchering) allows users to “pair” their various web browsing devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops) with an institution’s network to access resources remotely.

Other InfoGuides to Explore

These InfoGuides are designed to help you use the library's electronic resources:

  • Database Mobile Apps - tips and directions for mobile access for a variety of resources for reearch and leisure.
  • e-Books@Mason Access to online libraries in many subjects.