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Avoid Paywalls! Keeping Up with Literature in Your Field

Hitting paywalls for scholarly peer reviewed journal articles? Need to know what's new, now? Monitoring multiple journals for the latest scholarship and research in your areas of interest? Find mobile apps, and tips on locating resources provided by unive

Web of Knowledge analytical tool

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Hot Papers - papers that receive a large number of citations soon after publication, relative to other papers in the same field and age.  More precisely, they are papers published in the past two years that received a number of citations in the most recent two-month period that places them in the top 0.1% of papers in the same field.

Highly Cited Papers - Minimum number of citations received by the top 1% of papers in the research field published in the specified year.

Active journal titles eligible for inclusion in Essential Science Indicators

For more information about fully utilizing the Web of Knowledge/Web of Science, check out Mason Libraries InfoGuide:  Cited Reference Searching: Web of Knowledge.