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Pathway Studio

User Guide


FAQs Pathway Studio

Is a username or password needed to access Pathway Studio Web?

Pathway Studio is offered on an annual subscription basis on a named-user basis, providing you with a username and password that will work anywhere. Alternatively, we offer corporate- or campus-wide Access licenses on a yearly subscription basis that includes user authentication via IP-recognition and has no seat-based delays or budgetary concerns about task-based searches.


Are the facts in Pathway Studio linked to full-text articles and other publications?

Yes. Over 28 million sentences are integrated to support the facts contained in Pathway Studio so that users can check the underlying context of the facts and links to the articles and publications of origin.


What kind of experimental data can Pathway Studio accommodate?

The experimental data types supported by Pathway Studio analytical features include:

  • Gene expression
  • Proteomics
  • Metabolomics
  • RNA sequencing (RNA-seq)
  • DNA variants (Web only)
  • Methylation
  • Phosphorylation
  • Genome-wide association studies

Note that Pathway Studio analytical features support virtually any data that can be expressed in the format of a tab-delimited file with an identifier for the gene, protein, small molecule, disease, etc. together with numerical values. Pathway Studio Enterprise enables the simultaneous analysis of multiple data types.


How does Pathway Studio deal with firewall security?

Security is one of our biggest concerns. Pathway Studio Web is accessible using a HTTPS protocol. This requires port 443 to be open in a company's firewall. Since this is a standard setting, users should have clear access to Pathway Studio Web from within their company environment.

Pathway Studio Enterprise is natively installed behind your company's firewall, which eliminates access issues.

Can customers link to in-house data with Pathway Studio?

Yes, Pathway Studio Enterprise supports this workflow.


Do corporate- and campus-wide access and web-based access allow for individual saved searches?

Yes. Both Pathway Studio Web and Pathway Studio Enterprise support login accounts for saving imported experiments, analytical results, and pathways.

For Pathway Studio Enterprise, your company's application administrator can create user accounts for access. Alternatively, Pathway Studio Enterprise can be integrated with your company's authentication system such as LDAP or ActiveDirectory.

With Pathway Studio Web, users with CWA access (IP authentication) can use the system in anonymous mode without saving results, or self-register for a login account so that results can be saved.


How do I clear my cache and all cookies? 

In general, your browser tends to hold onto information, and over time it could cause problems with logging in or displaying pages. If you are experiencing issues such as slow browser sessions, http errors or other problems while accessing a website or resetting your password, it may be due to the cache and cookies your browser saves when browsing. Read more here.