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Pathway Studio

User Guide

General Overview

General Overview


Elsevier’s Pathway Studio helps you interpret your experimental data, and get a more complete picture of the underlying biology of diseases, responses to drugs, and a wide range of biological processes.

Pathway Studio is an integrated data mining and visualization tool. It allows researchers to rapidly connect relevant biological facts and relationships, visualize these facts in context, and integrate and interpret experimental data. The core content of Pathway Studio includes 1,700 full-text journals, more than 25 million PubMed abstracts, and over 200,000 clinical trials.

 Note: Users must register for a login account using their Mason email address, and must be on-campus to do so. Once registered, the login allows remote access.



Pathway Studio: Bridging Research, Big Data, And Visualization 

Please use the following link and password below to access the video (with the integrated audio transcript). 

Passcode: 6eeT+8Xa

The training session focus- 

Learn to:

  • Navigate Pathway Studio Web and utilize embedded tools for pathway analysis
  • Create de novo pathways and biological association networks using the knowledge base of facts extracted from scientific literature
  • Import and analyze gene expression data and variant analysis
  • Build new models or validate existing ones for diseases and cell processes
  • Leverage the Pathway Studio knowledge base to build research hypotheses and to verify findings
  • Fast report generation from expression data analysis