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EVPP 480 Sustainability in Action: Action Research

Library resources to support action research in sustainability

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Sustainable Development Goals & examples of research


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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 1. No poverty

  • Seider, S. C., Rabinowicz, S. A., & Gillmor, S. C. (2011). Changing American College Students' Conceptions of Poverty Through Community Service Learning. Analyses Of Social Issues & Public Policy, 11(1), 105-126. doi:10.1111/j.1530-2415.2010.01224.x

Goal 2. Zero hunger

  • Heynen, N., Kurtz, H. E., & Trauger, A. (2012). Food Justice, Hunger and the City. Geography Compass, 6(5), 304-311. doi:10.1111/j.1749-8198.2012.00486.x
  • Dailey, A. B., Hess, A., Horton, C., Constantian, E., Monani, S., Wargo, B., & ... Gaskin, K. (2015). Healthy Options: A Community-Based Program to Address Food Insecurity. Journal Of Prevention & Intervention In The Community, 43(2), 83-94. doi:10.1080/10852352.2015.973248

Goal 6. Clean water and sanitation

  • Lim, K., & Jiang, S. C. (2013). Reevaluation of health risk benchmark for sustainable water practice through risk analysis of rooftop-harvested rainwater. Water Research, 47(20), 7273-7286. doi:10.1016/j.watres.2013.09.059

Goal 7. Affordable and clean energy

  • Shapiro, I. M. (2012). Energy Audits, Improvements In Small Office Buildings. ASHRAE Journal, 54(10), 14-24.
  • William, R., Krishan Kumar, B., Matthew, P., Jessica, F., & John Imperatore, I. (2009). Assessing carbon dioxide emissions from energy use at a university. International Journal Of Sustainability In Higher Education, 10(3), 266-278.

Goal 9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • Bastian, N. D. (2011). Optimizing Army Sustainability at Fort Bragg: A Case Study Connecting Life-Cycle Cost Analysis with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings. Engineering Management Journal, 23(2), 42-53.
  • Kaplan, D. H. (2015). Transportation sustainability on a university campus. International Journal Of Sustainability In Higher Education, 16(2), 173-186. doi:10.1108/IJSHE-03-2013-0023

Goal 11. Sustainable cities

  • Williams, N. G., Lundholm, J., & Scott MacIvor, J. (2014). Do green roofs help urban biodiversity conservation?. Journal Of Applied Ecology, 51(6), 1643-1649. doi:10.1111/1365-2664.12333
  • Rupprecht, C. D., Byrne, J. A., Garden, J. G., & Hero, J. (2015). Informal urban green space: A trilingual systematic review of its role for biodiversity and trends in the literature. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 14(4), 883-908. doi:10.1016/j.ufug.2015.08.009

Goal 12. Responsible consumption and production

  • McClure, A. (2011). THE POWER OF GREEN: Campus sustainability policies and practices that make a big impact. University Business, 14(6), 63-64.
  • Thiagarajah, K., Thompson, K., & Getty, V. (2015). Attitudes of University Dining Hall Patrons Toward Recycling—An Exploratory Study. Journal Of Nutrition Education & Behavior, 47(4), S15. doi:10.1016/j.jneb.2015.04.040
  • BAUERLEIN, V. (2015, November 2). Pizza Box Composting Gets College Try. Wall Street Journal - Eastern Edition. p. A6.

Goal 15. Life on land

  • Beumer, C., & Martens, P. (2015). Biodiversity in my (back)yard: towards a framework for citizen engagement in exploring biodiversity and ecosystem services in residential gardens. Sustainability Science, 10(1), 87-100. doi:10.1007/s11625-014-0270-8
  • Wine, S., Gagné, S., & Meentemeyer, R. (2015). Understanding Human-Coyote Encounters in Urban Ecosystems Using Citizen Science Data: What Do Socioeconomics Tell Us?. Environmental Management, 55(1), 159-170. doi:10.1007/s00267-014-0373-0

Key Journals