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EDUC 883 - Seminar in Sociocultural Theory

Contains resources which explores and analyzes the theoretical contributions of sociocultural theory

Key Databases

Suggested searches for Freire, Bahktin, and Vygotsky are listed below.  Remember to use the thesaurus/term finder and to check the subjects listed for relevant articles.

              Freire, Paolo                                           Bakhtin, Mikhail                                   Vygotsky, Lev
"social change AND Freire                           Bakhtin AND polyphony                           Constructivism AND Vygotsky
"Zone of proximal development"                   Bahktin AND (dialog* OR linguistic*)        Vygotsky AND "cognitive development"
freire AND "transformative learning"             "critical pedagogy" AND Bahkti                Vygotsky AND "learning theory"

Key Journals

Unless otherwise noted journals are peer-reviewed

Looking for a Specific Journal?

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