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Data Analytics Engineering

Provides scholarly resources and information for students in the Data Analytics graduate program.

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A citation manager can make your life a lot easier. It helps you organize your references and notes. It can help you format your paper. Zotero is my favorite, but please choose the one that best suits your needs and workflow.



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Citing Data

Citing your data source is just as important as citing your other research sources. For other scholars to be able to examine and extend your work, they must be able to find the original data.

Few citation style guides offer guidance on how to cite data. Use the key components listed below and work them into the style you're using. Please note, this set of recommendations should not be taken as the final word on styles. If you have a question, check with your faculty advisor or the publication where you hope to publish. Also consult the Citing Datasets subject guide.

Key Elements of a Data Citation
Author or Creator The name(s) of each individual or organizational entity responsible for the creation of the dataset.
Title or Study Name The title of the dataset, including the edition or version number, if applicable.
Publisher and/or Distributor The organizational entity that makes the dataset available by archiving, producing, publishing, and/or distributing the dataset.
Publication Date The date when the data set was published or released.
Location or Identifier Web address OR unique, persistent, global identifier used to locate the dataset,. e.g., DOI or a handle. Append the date retrieved if the title and locator are not specific to the exact instance of the data you used.
Additional Elements for Data Citations
Version or Edition The exact version or edition of the data set.
Access Date Date of access for analysis. Needed to reproduce analysis of continuously updated dynamic datasets.
Format/Material Designator Database, CD-ROM.
Feature Name A description of the subset of the dataset used. May be a formal title or a list of variables.
Verifier Used to confirm that two datasets are identical. Most commonly a UNF or MD5 checksum.
Series Used if the dataset is part of series of releases (e.g. monthly, yearly).
Contributor e.g. editor, compiler