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Course Reserves

A definitive guide on GMU Libraries Course Reserve services for students and faculty.

Course Reserve Book Policies


  • Patrons must come with the call number of the item ready for circulation staff to pull physical reserve items.

  • Books on Course Reserve cannot be placed on hold for a patron. 
  • Patrons must wait 30 minutes before checking out the same physical reserve item again. This 30-minute wait period is to provide others a chance to use the book. 
  • ​Return items to the correct library by the time and date due. This will help you avoid fines and will allow your classmates to use the items.
  • 2-hour reserve items may be checked out for overnight use one hour before Fenwick, Mason Square, or Mercer Library closes. Items are due back upon opening the next day.
    • Exceptions to this are Holidays and Inclement weather. In the case of early closings caused by Holiday breaks or Inclement Weather, all course reserve items are NOT allowed to be circulated overnight.

  • Items are placed on reserve by your instructor for shortened loan periods of 2 hours, 4 hours (media only), 1 day, 3 days, or 7 days.

Reserve Fine Policies


  • Reserve item(s) more than one hour overdue: $1.00 per hour per item. Maximum overdue fine: $25.00
  • Because of the nature of Reserve materials and the need for them by other patrons, Reserve fines are non-forgivable.
  • Reserve item(s) not returned within 24 hours: item(s) considered lost. Charges: $25.00 maximum overdue fine plus $300.00 item replacement cost plus $30.00 processing fee per item.