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Arlington Graduate Research Day

Here we have links to the sessions of the grand Arlington Graduate Research Day, set for the morning of Monday October 12th 2020

What is all this then?

The lauded, storied, gloried...

Arlington Graduate Research Day!

OCTOBER 12th, 9am to 12pm

A day with a series of workshops and sessions to develop those very necessary skills that can make a Graduate degree program that much more rewarding, enriching, and successful!

Three Tracks have been arrayed for those at the beginning, middle, or end of their program to better prepare you for those periods of your studies.  In addition to information about each track and session, you may also see additional content to the topics and content at hand because more information is never a bad thing!

Register Here!

Information for Zoom sessions (all of them!) will be delivered the day before the event.

The Beginning

The beginning of a graduate program is that truly noble act of taking that first step into a wider range of scholarship and research that is often a very different endeavor from an undergraduate program.  We are moving deeper into content and resources, becoming immersed in materials with a truly amazing level of reading and synthesis, and putting all of that into more robust and detailed papers and projects.

Knowing more about how the Libraries can stand to assist is a key element of beginning those efforts.  Not knowing leads to frustration, anxiety, and spending far more time to get to the same end point.

  • Introduction to University Library Services with Chris Magee
  • Graduate Writing and Research with Kim MacVaugh
  • Zotero with Chris Magee

The Middle

You have gotten a semester, or two or three completed and you are continuing on with a resolve to continue through your coursework for your program.  Now is the time to harden that resolve with knowledge on the power of Data.  An introduction to gain some knowledge on data, datasets, data analysis tools, and more is of incredible value.  Data reigns supreme in both the academic and professional spheres.  Knowing what awaits you with the realities of both Qualitative and Quantitative data and some of the strategies to better approach those often daunting tasks takes some of the mystery out of process and allow you to make a very important step.  You can begin to move away from merely reading about robust analysis, and begin to see how that analysis truly can take place.

Data is a massive area of interest, something that no single day of workshops can ever truly handle.  This is merely scratching the surface!

  • Organizing and Managing Your Project Data with Margaret Lam
  • Surviving a Data Project with Debby Kermer

The End

There is light at the end of the tunnel.  You are approaching the end.  Many students choose to complete at Thesis project for the end of their Masters program, and every PhD candidate has the wonder of a Dissertation to face.  These are lofty projects that should not be understated in the weight of work that comes with them, and the impact and significance they can have on your discipline.  Do not despair!  In addition to your Subject Specialist Librarians, you also have Sally Evans, our University Dissertation and Thesis Librarian.  The University Libraries are truly a gatekeeper of a most altruistic sort for certain stages of those grand adventures into research.  If you are beginning your investigation and writing your proposal, already begun your data collection, or just curious how the Libraries can help, this might be the section for you!


University Dissertation & Thesis Services (UDTS) with Sally Evans