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Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology

Databases - Psychology and Beyond

To search articles on clinical psychology, go to the Psychology Research Guide, and look up recommended databases there. Start with databases specific to psychology before branching off to other disciplines or general databases. 

Databases - Business

To find articles relevant to Industrial-Organizational Psychology subjects, you may find it helpful to search business or psychology. Below are some recommended databases. 

Importance of Key Journals in the Field

Get to know significant journals in the field of industrial-organizational psychology. 

When you search for journal articles on the subject of industrial-organizational psychology, you may use psychology databases (such as PsycInfo) or general academic databases (such as Academic Search Premier or Google Scholar) as they are both good methods. But what do you do when you have an abundance of search results? What are your criteria to select a few from the many? This is when knowing the titles of prominent journals will help you to find your most relevant search results. 

Knowing titles of well-known journals in your field of study is very helpful. 

If you're interested in industrial-organizational psychology, you may want to browse the content of a few well-respected journals' table of contents. This is an easy way to keep up with current research. If it becomes too much work, you can create an alert for the journal so that you can be notified if studies in a particular subject have been published.

While not all articles published in prominent journals are necessarily high quality, it is certainly helpful to rely on the experts who review these articles as a reliable starting point. Below you'll find a list of respected journals in the field of industrial-organizational psychology.