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Evaluating Peacebuilding Projects

Resources on monitoring and evaluating peacebuilding projects.

Key Databases

Search Tips

Getting started:

Use the following search statement as a model when searching for resources on monitoring and evaluations:

"Program Name" AND (outcome OR effectiv* OR evaluat* OR assess* OR impact)

Troubleshooting tips:

  • Too many results?
    • Consider focusing on a particular aspect of the program, or its impact on a particular demographic group.
  • Too few results? 
    • Does the program go by other names? Add these to your search statement.
    • Is the program relatively new? If so, there may not be many evaluations.
    • Consider searching for evaluations of similar programs.
  • Results not focused on your program?
    • Using the advanced search screen, tell the database to search for your program name in the article title only.
  • Need more quantitative studies?
    • Try adding something like this to your search statement: AND (data OR empirical OR regression OR "statistically significant").
  • Other questions?
    •  Email or