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Finding Diverse Voices in Academic Research

Strategies and resources on searching for and highlighting diverse voices in scholarship.


Welcome to the Finding Diverse Voices in Academic Research Guide. 

The Finding Diverse Voices in Academic Research Guide outlines the research challenges scholars confront while searching for marginalized voices within problematic information systems, illustrates strategies for how to find diverse voices both inside and outside of traditional library systems, and highlights resources that start researchers on their journey. 

What's in this Guide?

Use this guide to seek alternative stories within your field to give you a more expansive and complex view of the history and issues confronting your discipline.

  • Background - Discover why voices become marginalized in scholarship.
  • Research Strategies - Learn methods for uncovering counternarratives and diverse perspective.  
  • Mason Resources - Explore more Mason Libraries' Subject Guides and learn about other Mason departments
  • Additional Resources - Dive deeper into resources on diversity in academia and higher education
  • Provide Feedback - Suggest resources or subject heading changes
  • Get Help - Chat with a librarian or get additional help