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Arcadia: Supplemental Information

A guide meant to supplement research data from the year long public arts project at George Mason University - Arcadia

Alpine Strawberry - Taxonomy

Alpine Strawberry - Web of Science (WOS) search

The file below contains a summary of search results conducted in the Web of Science (WOS). The "Analyze Results" feature in WOS provides data points that show publishing activity by: author/researcher, publication, author/researcher affiliation, research funding, and nation/region. Each tab shows the top 50 of each of the categories named above. 

This is not an exhaustive search. It is intended to provide a glimpse of the research literature related to the plants included in the Arcadia project. 

The following terms were searched using filters to narrow the search to the title and abstract field: ("wild strawberry" OR "woodland strawberry" OR "alpine strawberry" OR Fragaria vesca L.)