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Rosetta Stone ®

Rosetta Stone ®, the premier software for language learning

How to get started with software?

Access Rosetta Stone by clicking on the following linkRosetta Stone ®
  •  Alternatively you can go to and click on the Databases tab. Select Rosetta Stone from the alphabetical list of databases.
  •  Enter your GMU email address and a user id
  •  Create a password
  •  Select the language you want to learn
  • Desktop access plus instructions for syncing with mobile apps provides learning opportunities anytime and anywhere.
  • Practice your language skills such as listening to music, read the news / articles, or watch movies in your new language.  Lots of additional library resources are available to provide opportunities to support immersion.
  • Find a language learning partner.  Consider opportunities that may be available through Mason's many clubs and organizations, or join the Mason Language Exchange.
  • Rosetta Stone® speech-recognition technology is a key element of this language-learning solution. In order to utilize this feature, you'll need a USB device equipped with a microphone: either a USB headset or USB earbuds.  Select and configure your headset support