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Teaching & Learning

One stop shop for resources for the Learning Communities Fund/Center for Teaching and Faculty Excellence collection

What is the Center for Teaching and Faculty Excellence (CTFE)?

The CTFE offers a range of learning and support opportunities for instructors across Mason’s campuses, whether you are just getting started or have years of experience. We invite you to explore our online resources and to visit us at the Center.  For additional information click the following link:

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Navigate This Infoguide

The purpose of this infoguide is to connect you to e-books, print, journals, and web resources related to the subjects listed below.  

  • Locate Teaching & Learning Resources connect to teaching and learning resources, use the Metasearch tool, connect to other infoguides, or contact the Education Librarian
  • Digital-Social Media - connect to e-Books and print resources on Digital-Social Media
  • Engaged Pedagogy - e-books and print books related to engaged pedagogy
  • Experiential Learning - e-books and print books related to engage pedagogy include the following areas:  Blended Learning; Distance Education; and Online Learning
  • Global/International Learning - includes e-Books, books, and pdf's and webpages related to global and international learning
  • Integrative Learning - includes articles and web resources on integrative learning
  • Learning Spaces - find e-Books and books on Makerspaces/Hackerspaces;  Learning Spaces; and Learning Space Design
  • Service Learning - contains resources dealing with various aspects of experiential learning related to service learning
  • Stephen Brookfield - contains selected resources written by Stephen Brookfield

CTFE Learning Communities Resources

The purpose of this guide is to provide a one-stop shop connecting Mason faculty and staff to resources focusing on teaching and learning in higher education with special emphasis on innovative learning (e.g., best practices in online learning, digital tools, the use of social media in teaching, e-portfolios, experiential learning, building innovative learning environments, creating significant global learning experiences, and universities of the future). This special collection is designed to increase faculty and student access to resources on emerging teaching practices and technologies.

Each subject area has its own tab.  E-resources were the preferred collection method.  Click on the title to access the resource.  If you are off campus, you will need to enter your Mason user name and password.  Print resources include the call number and the Mason Library in which the resource can be found.  A few resources are available in both electronic and print formats.  In this case, they are marked as such.

  • Digital and Social Media
    • social bookmarking sites such as Diigo and StumbleUpon
    • social news sites such as Reddit
    • social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn
    • social photo and video sharing sites including YouTube, Flickr, and Pinterest
    • wikis including PBWorks, Wikipedia
    • blogs and microblogs such as Blogster, Twitter
    • Learning Spaces
  • Global Learning
    • global/international learning
    • integrative learning
  • Experiential Learning
    • Blended Learning
    • Distance Education
    • Engaged Pedagogy
    • Global/International Learning
    • Online Learning
    • Service Learning
    • Selected Works of Stephen D. Brookfield
  • Journals
  • Freely Available Web Sources