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Software for Digital Scholarship

Information about DiSC-supported software for the collection, processing, analysis or display of numeric, text, or geospatial data

Surviving Stata / Intro to Stata

Learn the ins-and-outs of Stata’s interface, syntax, and help documentation. This workshop will help new users feel comfortable with Stata (using Syntax), give tips and advice to existing users, and give all attendees the tools to find out more.

Surviving Stata Workshop Slides

For Arlington Campus Workshop Attendees
Connecting to the VCL
Workshop Sign-In
use<get from instructor>.dta

Stata for Theses

This workshop gives an overview of advanced and useful features of Stat, including:
– how to open data files from different sources
– commands to clean and process data
– do file organization and use
– user-written functions and ado files
– prefix commands (e.g., by and svy)