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Diverse Voices and Resources in Film Guide


This guide provides a first step to discovering films and film scholarship by diverse voices and provides resources for filmmakers from diverse groups and communities. "Diverse" in this guide is defined as voices from underrepresented communities in film industry and scholarship, including Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC); LGBTQ+ folks; Deaf people and people with disabilities; women; and international cultures. It is not comprehensive and does not attempt to represent every community. Instead, it provides a few research strategies along with some key resources.

It is important while starting such research not to tokenize the filmmakers you learn about. Instead, ask yourself why you are researching these voices. A couple of reasons to seek diverse resources include:

  • Amplifying underrepresented viewpoints and art
  • Gaining viewpoints different from your own
  • Gaining a fuller understanding of a culture/community by studying films and scholarship by individuals who represent that culture/community

Remember these scholars and filmmakers are all individuals whose contributions should be viewed as such.

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General Search Strategies

To do general research on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), anti-racism, and other related topics in film, you will want to brainstorm keywords. Here are a few examples of search queries:

diversity AND Hollywood directors

Queer cinema

Me Too Movement and American Films

Lesbian Cinema History

Asian masculinity in film


Other keywords:

Diversity: equity, marginalized, inclusion,representation, underprivileged groups, minorities, anti-racism, racism, sexism, white supremacy, heteronormative, ableism, neurodiversity, neurodivergent, decolonization, cultural diversity, LGBTQ, gender, sexuality, etc.

Film: cinema, movies, Hollywood, directors, cast, crew, cinematography, documentaries, media, pop culture, etc.