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Diverse Voices and Resources in Film Guide

Browse Streaming Films from Diverse Voices

Tips for Discovering Films from Diverse Voices

  • Start with a book/article search, then search for the films and filmmakers you learn about. Many books and reference articles document and discuss films from specific communities and cultures. Try typing a specific community, country, culture, or identity in the Library Search, along with a word related to "film" or "cinema." When you get your results, filter to resource type > books, reference entries. Here are a few search examples:

Films by Black directors

Spanish Queer cinema

Trans and Non-Binary Filmmakers

Korean horror films

  • Do a web search for filmmakers of a particular identity, then do some research on the people and films you find.
  • Search Wikipedia for lists of filmmakers of a particular identity, then research those individuals and their films.
  • Check out articles from popular film/culture magazines. Online publications such as IndieWire, BuzzFeed, and Variety often publish lists and articles highlighting diverse voices in the film industry.
  • Browse databases, websites, and film distributors such as those listed below to find particular filmmakers, then research their history and filmography.
  • Do not assume identity based on names. Instead, research the filmmaker and see what you can uncover from their biographical information. 

Library Film Databases

You can usually  browse film databases by subject. Try locating the "browse" button for the databases listed below, then find subjects such as "LGBTQ," "African American studies," "foreign language," "Asian cinema," etc.


The following websites provide information on films and filmmakers from underrepresented backgrounds, including BIPOC, women, and LGBTQ filmmakers.

Film Distributors

These distributors represent a broad array of diverse voices and communities. Check to see if we have any of these films in our library!