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Instructional Strategies

It is important to match the design of your activities with the level of work you expect from your students. If your project is either too complex or too simple, it may not yield the learning outcomes that you had planned. The following chart provides some basic examples matched with a range of target thinking skills.

Skill Level




Putting together ideas or elements to develop an original idea or engage in creative thinking

  • Short Videos or Podcasts Choose an overarching theme and tie in several course concepts to demonstrate understanding of interrelationships between concepts as well as the ability to transfer knowledge to new situations.
  • Remixing Selecting, evaluating, and integrating 3rd-party media to create an original work.


Judging the value of ideas, materials, and methods by developing and applying standards and criteria

  • Critique via Blogs Post videos or podcasts to a blog and elicit discussion around that media as blog comments; provide a lost of required elements to include in comments.


Breaking information down into its component elements

  • Video Analysis Create a gallery of video clips illustrating a concept (ex. moments in a news broadcast which illustrate persuasive rhetoric)


Using strategies, concepts, principles, and theories in new situations

  • Podcast Interviews Identify experts, craft questions, and conduct in-the-field interviews
  • Simulations Role-playing
  • Presenting Produce a video presentation formally illustrating key concepts.


Explaining ideas or concepts and demonstrating comprehension of information or frameworks

  • Reflection Podcast Provide verbal feedback or interpretation on a topic to demonstrate basic understanding.
  • Video Annotating Comment on existing media using various audio/video annotating tools.