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One Button Studio

User guide

Consider Time

Keep in mind that for every minute of a project, several more minutes will be required for production. Extra time includes all tasks from planning to publishing and assumes there is familiarity with the software being used.

Project Type                                                                                                                             Minimum Time Maximum Time
3 - 5 minute video: informal interview (minimal post-production) 1 hour 3 hours
3 - 5 minute video:  remix/mash-up (minimal post-production) 1 hour 3 hours
3 - 5 minute video: creative/high quality (sound effects, field recording) 4 hours 20 hours
10 -12 minute podcast: interview/informal (minimal post-production) 1 hour 2 hours
10 -12 minute podcast: creative/high quality (sound effects, field recording) 1 hour 3 hours

Stay Organized

Stay organized by requiring students to produce deliverables throughout the project. This will help eliminate situations where it is impossible to complete the required work by a deadline.

Deliverable Description                                                                                                                        Time Due
Outline Key concepts, overall vision or approach, cast and roles, 3rd part media needed Before production begins
Script Dialogue, listed by speaker; may be rough notes or exact dialogue 25% into project timeframe
Storyboard Sequential list of shots, sketches, direction 25-50% into project timeframe
Rough Cut Unfinished audio/video edit 75% into project timeframe

Develop a Schedule

Developing a schedule for the assignment and incorporating that into your syllabus will help you and your students get the maximum benefit from this technology. This will help students to plan ahead for the amount of studio time they will need to comfortably complete their projects.

Week Task                                                                      Week                    Task
1                Introduce project & rubric to students 6               Production begins
2 Form student teams 9 Rough cut due
4 Outline and script due 13 Video completed and submitted/published online
5 Storyboard due 14 Peer critique

Information adapted by permission from the Instructor's Guide to Media Activities from the Penn State Media Commons