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ARTH599 - Curating an Exhibition (Spring 2022)

Resources for Dr. Greet's curatorial seminar and Haitian art research

At Mason libraries, we use the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) and the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) to organize and describe materials. These systems are over 100 years old, and although constantly changing are still reflective of the white European/American bias of their conception. They may not reflect local languages or preferences, or may include outdated, incorrect, or harmful language.

If you encounter any examples or have suggestions for how language in our catalog might be improved, please use this form.

Subject headings for Haitian & Caribbean art

These subject headings can be used in advanced searches in the Mason Libraries catalog and databases and external catalogs like Worldcat. This list is not exhaustive but can help as you begin searching.

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Find books & sources beyond Mason

Mason Libraries provide access to millions of books, journals, newspapers, media, and more. We also help you to find and borrow materials *not* owned by our library.

  • Search in WRLCfrom the advanced search view in the Mason Library Catalog, change your scope to "WRLC Catalogs (includes Mason)." This lets you search for books in our partner libraries in the D.C. Metro, and you can request to borrow titles directly through our catalog. 
  • Search in WorldcatWorldcat is a catalog of library collections from across the globe. Search in Worldcat to identify books, articles, or other materials that may not be available at Mason.
    • After searching, use Interlibrary Loan to request the item. Our library staff will find and get a copy for you.