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Library resources for the study of anthropology

Key Anthropology Databases

Database Tips

Explore additional databases listed under the subject heading Sociology & Anthropology on the database portal page. But also review databases that are listed under other subject headings (e.g., Conflict Resolution or Geography and Environmental Science) pertinent to your research topic or question. Once you find an article or study that best matches your research topic, evaluate the references provided in that work. This is one way to build a literature review. You may find an online dissertation, available through ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global,that offers an extensive literature review on your topic.

If you are looking for seminal works by noted anthropologists and sociologists, take a look in the Social Theory database. If your research interests lie in modern American cultural phenomena, explore Pop Culture Universe.

Contact a reference librarian via telephone, e-mail or IM (or me directly) to help you get started in your research or when you hit a mental roadblock!