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EDIT 705: Instructional Design

Find resource to help analyze, apply, and evaluate principles of instructional design to develop education and training materials spanning a wide range of knowledge domains and instructional technologies

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Welcome to the EDIT 705: Instruction Design Infoguide

Use this guide to locate sources to use for your course assignments.

  • Find Articles - Key databases and journals for instructional design or search for specific journals.
  • Find Books - Access a sampling of Mason instructional design ebooks. Search the Mason and Washington Research Library Consortium catalogs for books on Instructional Design. 
  • Find Websites - access key websites related to instructional design
  • Write & Cite - links to information on citing references using APA format and Zotero
  • Get Help - Chat with a librarian or setup an appointment with the Anne Melville Librarian.  use Virtual reference, tep by step directions for many common library resources, connect to services for Mason Online students and faculty.

Education meta search tool

This tool allows you conduct a real-time search across 20 databases and ejournal collections.

Metafinder : Education

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