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Bilingualism & Language Acquisition

Resources related to bilingualism and language acquisition.

Key Databases

Tips to Improve Database Searches

Searching in databases can be tricky.  Think of searching in databases like placing an order at Starbuck's.  If you don't use the correct language, you will not get the order you want. To get you started here are some subjects which will work in the database below.  Keep the following in mind:

  1. What works as a subject in one database may not work in another. 
  2. If the database offers a thesaurus or term finder use it!
  3. Put quotes around phrases
  4. Never use acronyms by themselves (Put "English language learners" not ELL

Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts:  "language acquisition" "English language learners" "English as a second language" "English as second language learning" "second language learning" bilingualism,  multilingualism, "bilingual education"

PsycINFO & PsycTests (from EBSCO):  In these APA databases, use the "Term Finder" which is a thesaurus of subject terms.  Rather than using subject APA calls them "APA Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms."  Relevant terms include:  English as Second LanguageBilingual Education, Bilingualism,Multilingualism

Social Sciences Citation Index:  Relevant terms include:  multilingualism, "second language learners" "English as a second language" "English language learners" pluralingualism, bilingualism, "language acquisition"  Note:  This database does not contain a thesaurus.  Use TOPIC in place of subject.

Education Research Complete:  multilingualism, "English language -- study & teaching --foreign speakers" "second language acquisition", bilingualism, "bilingual education"

Key Journals

Looking for a specific journal?  Click the to search for Journals by Title:

Testing and Evaluation Journals