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Theresa Calcagno
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Fenwick Library, Fairfax Campus, 703-993-3712

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by Theresa Calcagno - Last Updated Sep 19, 2013
Scholarly resources for bioengineering.
Tags: bioengineering, electrical_engineering, engineering
BS in Information Technology Distance Learning
by Tina Adams, Theresa Calcagno - Last Updated Sep 4, 2013
Distance learners in IT will find resources to help them with their course assignments and research.
Tags: distance_ education, distance_ services, distance_students, information_technology, it
Careers & Jobs
by Theresa Calcagno, Mike Perini - Last Updated Mar 3, 2014
Resources for researching your career!
Tags: careers, employment, jobs
Civil, Environmental & Infrastructure Engineering
by Theresa Calcagno - Last Updated Mar 4, 2014
Resources for research in civil, environmental, infrastructure and transportation engineering.
Tags: civil, engineering, environmental, infrastructure, transportation
Computer Game Art & Design
by Theresa Calcagno, Jenna Rinalducci - Last Updated Mar 6, 2014
This guide provides research resources for the programming and artistic aspects of computer game development.
Tags: art, computer_science, game_design
Computer Science
by Theresa Calcagno - Last Updated Jan 31, 2014
Scholarly sources for research in computer science and software engineering.
Tags: computer_science, engineering, information_security, software_engineering
CS 390 / 490 -- Research & Project Design Principles / Design Exhibition
by Theresa Calcagno - Last Updated Jan 31, 2014
Information resources for computer science students preparing for and working on a senior design project.
Tags: computer_science, research, research_methods;
CS 990 -- Dissertation Topic Presentation
by Theresa Calcagno - Last Updated Mar 14, 2014
This guide provides information and links to scholarly research resources for Computer Science Graduate PhD students.
Tags: computer_science, research, research_methods;
Electrical & Computer Engineering
by Theresa Calcagno - Last Updated Mar 31, 2014
Scholarly resources for study and research in Electrical & Computer Engineering
Tags: bioengineering, biomedical_engineering, computer_engineering, ece, electrical_engineering, engineering, software_engineering, telecommunications
Green Living
by Theresa Calcagno - Last Updated Jun 27, 2012
Information resources for environmental awareness.
Tags: green_living, recycling, sustainability, sustainable_living
IT 103: Introduction to Computing
by Theresa Calcagno - Last Updated Jan 22, 2014
Library resources and research help for IT 103 students.
Tags: information_technology, introduction_to_computing, it_103
IT 293: Finding and Using Information Resources
by Theresa Calcagno, Heather Hannan - Last Updated Apr 18, 2014
This guide will help students in IT 293 find information about careers, jobs, professional organizations and more.
Tags: careers, information_technology, it
IT 304: IT in the Global Economy
by Theresa Calcagno, Heather Hannan - Last Updated Aug 21, 2013
Information resources for researching IT, countries, statistics, risk, etc.
Tags: business, information_technology, international_business, it
Library Resources for NUST Participants
by Tina Adams, Theresa Calcagno, Anne Driscoll - Last Updated Jul 2, 2013
This guide has information about the Mason Libraries, links to distance education resources and library resources in education and engineering.
Tags: civil, education, electrical_engineering, engineering
Library Site Map
by Theresa Calcagno - Last Updated Jul 12, 2013
by Theresa Calcagno - Last Updated Aug 22, 2013
Scholarly resources for research on statistical topics
Tags: applied_statistics, statistics
SYST 763 - Research Methods
by Theresa Calcagno - Last Updated Mar 6, 2014
Resources and information for researchers in systems engineering and IT.
Tags: information_technology, seor, systems_engineering
Systems Engineering & Operations Research
by Theresa Calcagno - Last Updated Jan 27, 2014
Scholarly resources for research in systems engineering and operations research.
Tags: engineering, operations_research, seor, systems_engineering

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