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Curriculum Collection

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Anne Driscoll
2202 Fenwick Library

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How to Narrow a Catalog search to the Curriculum Collection

To limit a search of the library catalog to just those items in the Curriculum Collection follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Books & More)
  3. Search Mason's classic catalog
  4. On the right side of the screen click the grey "Set Limits" button
  5. Under the Location field, scroll down to Fenwick Curriculum, click on it
  6. Click on "Set Limits"
  7. This will take you back to the search screen. 
  8. You should see the words "Search limits are in effect! in purple.
  9. Begin your search

Friendly URL

Friendly URL:

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The curriculum collection and juvenile collections, located on the 1st floor of the Fenwick Library in the old B wing.  It contains children's and young adult fiction and nonfiction, textbooks (K-12), curriculum guides, kits, selected media materials and other teaching resources.

  • Most of the items are available for checkout.
  • All materials are included in the library catalog.

Curriculum Collection materials include those currently under review by the State of Virginia.

Curriculum Collection Materials Schedule

VDOE regions

Virginia curriculum materials are received on a seven-year cycle.  Resources for different subject areas are received for four years, then there is a two year break.  The materials received are those currently under review by the State Of Virginia.  George Mason is a public review site for Region 4 of the State of Virginia.  Listed below is a table detailing the process:

Textbook Review & Approval Schedule
Based on the seven-year revision cycle for the Standards of Learning

Anticipated SOL

SOL Curriculum Framework

State Textbook/Instructional
Materials Review

Expiration of Existing Contracts

Lea Textbook
Materials Review

History & Social Science 2015 2015 2016-2017 2016 2016
Mathematics 2016 2016 2017-2018 2017 2017
English (K-5 Reading and 6-12 English & Literature 2017 2017 2018-2019

2017, K5 Reading;
2018, 6-12 English & Literature

Science 2017 2017 2018-2019 2017 2018
Foreign Languages** 2014 Not Applicable 2014-15 2011 2015**

NOTE: The State of Virginia DOE did not review these materials. in 2015.

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