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Journal Tools: JTOCS



Users of customized versions of JournalTOCs can choose from the following alert frequencies

  • Once a day
  • Once a week (Weekly Digest)
  • Once a month (Monthly Digest)
  • Filtered & On Demand (Managed by the super-user), or
  • Temporary deactivated (holidays)

I don't see the Journal I want to follow when I look at the list in JTOCS.

  • If there is a title missing from JTOCS that you would like them to include please fill out the form on this site. SUGGEST A TITLE (note: this is the JTOCS website)

When I click on the link to get to the article the site asks me to log in.

  • If Mason subscribes to the journal we may need to update our records. Please notify library staff for assistance.
  • Mason may not subscribe to the journal. If this is the case talk to your research subject librarian. Find them here

Are there limits to the number of journals I can follow?

No. Some people follow 5 journals and others follow 80. You can decide.

Sometimes I get an alert email with only one title. Is this working properly?

Yes, that happens.  There are a fair number of e-journals who roll out articles as they're ready. If the frequency of emails is a problem you can customize your settings.


Learn More About JTOCS

Learn More About JTOCs

To learn more and start using JTOCs today,

What is it?

JournalTOCs is a current awareness service for researchers and academics and contains a searchable collection of scholarly journal Tables of Contents (TOCs). It contains articles' metadata of TOCs for over 25,017 journals directly collected from over 2390 publishers. It pulls together a database of Table of Contents (TOCs) from scholarly journals and provides a convenient single "one stop shop" interface to these TOCs.

Although the basic version is the largest freely available collection of scholarly journal Tables of Contents (TOCs), the Mason University Libraries subscribes to the premium service. This allows you to click on the title of the article in your notification and link directly to the content going through the library proxy server. As a result has never been easier for scholars to keep up with a diverse set of resources across many disciplines.

The scope of the content is expansive including interational journals from  over 1,200 different publishers. There are over 20,000 journals covered from traditional publishers like Elsevier, Springer-Verlag, Taylor & Francis, John Wiley and Sons, Sage Publications, SciELO, Walter de Gruyter, Redalyc, RMIT Publishing, Inderscience Publishers, Hindawi, Project MUSE, Cambridge University Press,, Oxford University Press, Emerald, and IEEE. There are also over 4,000 Open Access titles.

Once you register you can create a customized list of journals to receive TOC notifications allowing you to set preferences for how frequent you want an email notification to be sent to your email.


How to Use It

  1. Create an Account using your email address
  2. Select journals to follow using several different options including; searching by title or isbn, browsing by subjects, or by journal title or publisher.
  3. View notifications as they come into your email