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Tech Tips: e-Readers: Tech Tips: eReaders

Kindle? Nook? Sony Reader? iPad? Learn how to download e-Books and stream media from Mason Libraries' collections.

About this Infoguide

e-Books can be located by either searching the library catalog or by going directly to one of our e-Book databases.  The main databases are ebrary, EBSCO, EBL, Springer, and Safari.  We also provide access to streaming media through Films on Demand and Alexander Street Press. This guide provides you with information on how to download eBooks and stream media from these providers with a Nook (e-Ink and HD), Kindle (e-Ink and Fire), Sony Reader and iPad.

As nice as e-Books are, they are not perfect. Restrictions exist. Copyright and Digital Rights Management (DRM) limits how they can be accessed and downloaded.  This guide will take you through the process of viewing e-Books and videos here at Mason.  It will also highlight the restrictions are you likely to encounter and the best way to manage these problems.

Remember: these instructions only cover Nook, Kindle, early generation Sony Reader, and iPad

eBooks and Mason Libraries

Why doesn't Mason Libraries have a particular book available as an eBook or why are there restrictions?

Publishers limit eBooks because:

  1. Not all publishers have eBooks for sale
  2. Not all publishers allow the full eBook to be downloaded. 
  3. More information on this can be found under the Copyright and Privacy tab (above).

Why do I keep getting an error message saying a Mason Libraries' eBook is unavailable?

Many eBooks are similiar to regular library books, in that, only one person can access a book at a time. If you try and download an eBook, but get an error message, it is likely currently being used by another person.  Loaning periods for eBooks vary from 7-14 days, once this time has passed, the book will be available for another user to download.  If the eBook is being viewed in a web browser, rather than being downloaded for off-line use, after 10 minutes of inactivity (in most cases), the eBook is re-released for use. 

How do I download Mason Libraries' eBooks or view media on my eReader?

The easiest way to download eBooks is to download them to your computer and then transfer the book to your eReader. The only exception to this is with Springer, Safari and streaming media.  Learn more about downloading eBooks from the different eBook providers available at Mason by selecting the tab above that relates to the book you are looking for. 

I downloaded an eBook to Adobe Digital Editions and transfered it to my eReader, but every time I try and open it I get an error.  What's wrong?

If your device is not authorized using the same Adobe ID as the computer you transfered your eBook from is, then you will not be able to open the eBook even though you transferred it. To fix this, you need to authorize your device (or the Digital Editions on your computer) with the same Adobe ID.  After both are authorized with the same Adobe ID, transfer the book again. You might have to return the eBook and re-download it.

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