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Library Information for Academic Advisors

This guides provides information and links that academic advisors may need for their advisees.

TextSelect Reserves Program

The Mason Libraries' TextSelect reserves program has been operating for the past several years. This program is in addition to the books placed on reserve at the request of an instructor. 

One of the purposes of the TextSelect program is to make textbooks in general education classes available on reserve in the library.  Currently, the program procedures are:

  • Place textbooks required in general education classes on reserve on the campus where the class is held.  Books must cost more than $50.
  • Place textbooks on reserve for select upper level, required courses. These are typically subjects with textbooks costing over $100, e.g. STEM and Health science subjects, Economics, Conflict Resolution and School of Business classes.
  • Subject Librarians have the choice of putting graduate level textbooks on reserve if they wish.  

Individual TextSelect books can be found by doing a title search in the Mason Library catalog.

The borrowing period for a TextSelect reserves books is 2 hours.  The book may be renewed if no one is waiting for it.  One exception-- If a student borrows a TextSelect book in the last hour the library is open, the loan is an overnight one.  Copier/scanners are available in all Mason Libraries.

More information about the TextSelect Program can be found on this page: